Saskatchewan Life Insurance Continuing Education Courses

Saskatchewan Life CE Courses

Our courses are sold as bundles with a membership to our service. For $159 plus GST you will get access to all the courses below for a period of one full year. There are no additional per-course fees or hidden fees in our prices, and you can even take the same course twice if desired. Sign up now to get started with instant access.

The courses below are all related to the technical aspects of life insurance. You can easily sign up and take these courses from the comfort of your home or office chair. The Insurance Councils Saskatchewan has indicated that agents should be taking continuing education courses that are technical in nature. Note that we often receive emails from our customers telling us how convenient our services are, and how much they liked taking our courses for credit versus the alternative of traditional in-person seminars.

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Saskatchewan Life agents require 15 credits/year. All courses should be of a technical nature to receive credit, as stipulated by the Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan - please visit their website for more information. is an education provider in good standing with the Council. At the present time you can get all your annual requirements from


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