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Support Our Partners

For all in-person seminars and courses across Canada, we currently partner with Business Career College as a well-known and respected organization in the industry. Business Career College provides a full range of accredited, in-person courses for insurance professionals. If you don't see what you're looking for on, check out their courses and sign up for a day, evening or weekend course from them.

Partnership Opportunities

Are you an instructor or course provider today?

Partner with Insurancelink to provide a wide audience for your courses! We have a partner and affiliate program that allows instructors and content providers to get their courses in front of customers quickly. We have a royalty-based model that pays instructors every time one of their courses are taken. We also have rich audit capabilities that allow our partners to audit and see who is taking their courses, up to the minute.

Content Aggregation is a content aggregator, providing instructors the fastest way to get course content online. We provide full pre-production work including videotaping your classroom presentations, Powerpoint slide templates, microphone equipment and other recording material as required to help put your content into electronic format.

We also provide full post-production work, taking your electronic material through a suite of electronic tools to edit content, improve sound quality, reduce image vibration, and finally, formatting your work so that it's ready for the web. We create course content in both Flash and HTML 5 formats, which means your courses are viewable by the widest audience possible including users of tablets and smartphones such as the iPad, the iPhone, and Android devices.

Finally, our hosting facilities are located in secure datacenters with fast redundant access to the Internet and full failover capabilities in the event of a disaster.

Contact us and let's talk about the options available to get your courses in front of a wider audience.