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Since 2004, we have been Canada's premiere online education company for insurance professionals. More...

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Convenient. Fast. Inexpensive. No parking fees. No driving to a seminar. Accredited by the provincial licensing bodies. More...

Continuing Education Credit Courses

We sell Continuing Education courses, also known as CE Credit courses, to insurance professionals in Canada. Our courses are provincially approved and accredited towards your license designation's CE credit requirements. While we specialize in Life CE courses for life insurance professionals across Canada, we also have a large customer base of general insurance professionals as well.

We focus only on Canadians and provide dynamic presentations in a visual, narrated format, much like watching a YouTube video of a narrated PowerPoint slide presentation. Our instructors are highly skilled in their field, our course format is years ahead of our competitors, and overall we offer an easier way to learn and earn our CE credits.

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We are a Canadian company based in Calgary and sell our courses to Canadian insurance professionals who need to update their Continuing Education Credits.

Convenient, Affordable!

From the comfort of your desk or home you can earn CE Credits towards your designation for less than the cost of attending a single seminar - and there's no need to drive, find parking, and brave the cold to earn your credits. Our catalog is small but growing, just as we as a company are growing quickly due to strong demand for our courses.

Why drive to an in-person seminar or read other companies' boring printed documents when you can take visual, narrated courses from the comfort of your chair?

Combo Offerings

If you require CE Credits for both Life and General categories, we also offer a Combo Package that lets you take courses for CE Credit that are accredited for all your licenses.