Online Continuing Education Courses

Introduction is a national e-learning provider that sells courses to insurance professionals in Canada. We use only the latest Internet technologies to provide the most interactive and visually appealing online courses, and we add voice narration to simulate an in-person course.

Courses can be taken from the comfort of your desk or laptop, and CE credit can be provided instantly upon completion of a course. Our biggest competitor is the traditional, face-to-face course approach that have been standard in the industry for many years. We offer a more convenient, flexible alternative for the modern insurance professional.

About Us

We are a private Canadian company serving the insurance industry. We have many customers across Canada, and some of whom have written to us saying they really enjoy and appreciate our courses. We were the first company to offer multimedia Continuing Education courses online to the insurance industry in Canada, and we continue to innovate, grow and lead the competition even today.

In 2003, was founded by the trio of Larry Mousseau, Pauline Mousseau and Kelly Martin, and after nearly a year of development the website first went live to the public in 2004. We've been in business since 2004. In 2009 we underwent a change of ownership and became Insurancelink Education Ltd., incorporated in Alberta and serving customers Canada-wide. Our head office is in Calgary, and our contracters are located across Western Canada. Most of our customers are in Ontario and Alberta, but we have also have many customers in B.C., Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We do not support the Quebec market due to our imperfect knowledge of the French language.

Today we are a team of nearly ten people focused on providing the best online education experience available to insurance professionals.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are all highly qualified, university-educated professionals with backgrounds in insurance, education, law, science and technology. We bring a multi-disciplined approach to our course content and are accredited in most provinces.

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